Thursday, 1 November 2012

I L♥VE Winter

Hey Dolls;

Little bit of an inspirational post today; its now officially winter! Winter is one of my favorite seasons as is every other! I love winter more than autumn though; I love getting in the Christmas spirit; the crisp air and all of the rain frizzing up everybody's hair!

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I think that November - February are by far the BEST months to go to the cinema; to be honest I never really go to the cinema at any other time of the year unless I am desperate to see the film. Everything seems so much more cosy during these months and I love the atmosphere of it all!

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I love the rain. I don't know why. I especially like it after the sun has been out, the day the rain first comes everything smells so fresh! Haha, I sound so weird but I really think it's true!

In the Autumn I'm always a bit more ditsy than usual. I never know what to do with myself and always end up doing absolutely nothing; but in the Winter I never have enough time!

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Oh my gosh! I'm counting down the days until the ice - rink comes into town. Every November an Ice-Rink is placed in the middle of town; only five minutes away from where I live! Normally as a figure skater I have to get my mum to drive me 45 minutes away every week so I can skate; I hate it because I have to wake up super early just to do something I love! But on the 26th this month I'll only have to get the bus and bring my skates! I love it; I can get extra practice for my Saturday lessons and skating is so much more fun watching people try and race around the week! Its so hilarious!

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I get so much more done in winter. Strangely I don't mind doing homework as much either; I think the cold air gets to my head at this time of year! Some of my favorite things to do are: go shopping, watch movies, go for walks, skate outdoors, go sledging (yes where I live in the UK we normally always get a enough snow to go sledging!), drink hot chocolates, sing sad songs and so much more! In the summer I'm always far too lazy to do anything!

Whats your favorite things to do in the winter, do you hate the cold and go hibernating or live in the rain like me?

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