Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Monthly Music #1

Hey Dolls;?
Another one of my thoughts for series! I thought I tell you about the songs I've been loving this month? I know some people may hate my music taste but I'm sure some of you will love it. I'm not that fussy about what I listen to I mostly stick to certain artists rather than random songs but I like a bit of everything!

First up is 'Everything' by Michael Buble. This isn't at all new but its always on Magic and heart. My mum loves Michael and to be honest so do I!

This song is so cute. I love the sound of Katie Walsh's voice in this. If your a fan of the movie like me, you may already know this is in 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' Thought I'd put it out there: the school used in ATPS is very near to where I live; a lot of my friends go there!

I love Beyonce and Jay singing together! This is one of my favorites of them together as its quite early on and I always feel like dancing when I listen to this!

Finally this month I've been into McFly a little too much! I used to hate them: my youngest brother was obsessed with them and I had totally had enough of their voices! But in a maths lesson me and a few of the other girls in my class where talking about old songs and this and 'Five Colors in Her Hair'came up in conversation and I've found my love for my McFly again!

So what do you think of my monthly music; been liking any songs this month or is music not really your thing?


  1. Tagged you in my latest blog post! Would love you to take part!

    1. Ahh thank you! I'd love to; just checking it out now:)