Thursday, 11 October 2012

Beauty Wishlist #1

1. Beauty Blender: I've been wanting a Beauty Blender for a while now and this month I'm defiantly going to order one! At £14.40 this small pink sponge is quiet highly priced so I will probably buy the Cosmopolitan one instead; more reasonably priced at around £5.00. As the weather gets colder my skin often gets really poor and sometimes I get spots so during the Winter I often wear foundation and too make my foundation blend in more and look more flawless I think the Beauty Blender would be perfect!

2. Sleek Oh So Special Palette: I don't really know what makes me want to try this palette but I have heard raving reviews about Sleek's eye-shadows and to me this is one of their nicest palettes; I love the colors!

3. Benefit The Porefessional: If I'm wearing a foundation I want a good base and most people say The Porefessional does just that; so I'm hoping to give it a go and see if it does hide my pores.

4. MAC Marilyn Monroe Powder Blush - The Perfect Cheek: MAC just released a Marilyn Monroe collection and normally I'm not bother by new collections but I absoloutly love the look of this one! Most of the eye-shadows look pretty average and I don't often get the chance to wear lipstick (plus I prefer glosses/balms) but this blush looks absolutely stunning; its the shade really - it looks so natural and feminine. 

5. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm - Cherish: Everybody's talking about these at the moment and personally Cherish is my favorite color; so I'm going to give it a go and see what I think of them and maybe buy more.

6. Topshop Highlighter - Crescent Moon: I'm loving highlighters right now and I thought this would be a great one to test and wear!

- Apologies for all makeup related items this month; I haven't seen anything else that really interests me at the moment.

What are you wishing you had this month?


  1. thank you so much :) ahah what do you mean with size? clothe's size? It depends but usually it's s/m on the top and 36 (european size) on the bottom.
    lovely blog! xx

    1. Yes sorry; I can sometimes be a bit stupid and not really say what I'm trying too! I'm really glad you like my blog; I love yours so much! xx

  2. Lovely wishlist, I've been meaning to try that Sleek palette for ages:)!

    1. Ahh thank you; its amazing, isn't it....!:)