Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Heaven and Earth Review

M.U.A are well known for their unbelievably cheap makeup. The whole range starts from £1.00; this brand is pocket money priced! As part of one of my birthday presents I got given this palette as well as a few more from M.U.A; this however is my favorite - its more of an every day color range as everything tends to go with the colors in this neutral palette.

Top row.

The pigmentation of each and every color is remarkable. Just a mere swipe will create a vivid metallic shade on your brushes. Some shades are a lot higher than others however they all have amazing pigmentation unlike a couple of shades from the Immaculate palette also from M.U.A. 

The most unusual color of the whole palette is first  the first on the right of the top row (pictured above). It is extremely bronze and although this type of color is so regally seen never one with such a coppery bronze tone to it!

Bottom row.

As you can see this palette is very neutral as are many popular eye-shadows today. The most well known in the Beauty World is Urban Decay's Naked palette. In this video Holly compares the Heaven and Earth Palette to the Naked Palette; and the colors in the £4 palette to the same standard and shade as the £36 palette!

What do you think of M.U.A? Do you like cheap and cheerful or do you prefer to pay for qaulity?


  1. I have a mixture of cheap and expensive make up - as long as it works, I don't really mind! Love the colours here x


    1. I do too! The colors are amazing on this palette.

      Nina x